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When you’re furnishing or remodelling your home, you have to keep in mind that the doors complement the overall image of the house. Also they express your personal style and individual lifestyle. Pay attention to compatibility with other furniture and the colour scheme. The doors are an important element that gives the space that homely touch. Take a look at our collection of interior, outside and inline doors.

Wooden front doors

We produce gates out of any wood type of your choice and paint it in any pattern you wish, with high quality polish or oil.

We produce costume made gates out of any wood type of your choice and paint it in any pattern you wish, with high quality polish or oil. We can adapt to any dimensions or look. We have two types of gates: apartment gates and house gates. The difference is mostly in the finishing of the surface. Gates for apartments are normally finished the same as interiordoors and can also have the same look. The difference is only in the thickness and filling of the two gate types. All our gates have a three point lock system.


  • Big dimensions: door leaf width up to 150 cm an height up to 300 cm, with side or top light
  • There is a possibility of opening the door in the middle of the frame or in the opposite direction.
  • Sound, heat and fire insulation.
  • Production of antique front doors made of solid wood – we also can copy existing wood carvings.


For the base of our front doors we normally use plywood, in differentthickness and characteristic, depending of the costumers order. Gates of the type BLOK are made of fiberboards. Doors with carvings or such under protection of monuments are completely made of solid wood.

Hinges and locks:

For our internal doors we use classic hinges, which are both in the door and the frame fixed on the two contact points, making it impossible to turn. The hinges are easy to adjust with the help of the three axis adjustment. They are silent and don’t need any extra maintenance. Also we build in hidden hinges with the same features. We build a three point lock system in our doors, but if you wish we also can offer you a five point lock system.


We offer a 2 year warranty for our products. You can have a 10 years warranty with some additional costs.



Are you looking for the right door for you? We need you individual approach and expert advice, quality materials and accuracy of performance. Trust us with your wishes…