Bedroom - Mizarstvo Markelj

Room without the furniture is just an empty space. Furniture gives it a soul, a meaning; it reveals your own style. So why not have it made just for you?


Just because you’re the only one who gets to see the bedroom, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t furnish it with the best there is.


We make useful bedroom and wardrobe furniture while keeping an eye for modern methods and best materials that will let your bedroom shine. Apart from bed frames, we can furnish the room with nightstands, dressers, and finish up each built-in closet with drawers, hanging space and lighting.

We will gladly advise you on the layout of your furniture and efficient space-saving methods. For instance: a custom made bed frame with built-in drawers or a lifting bed will be a great solution for small bedrooms. Another popular and elegant solution is an in-built closet with which a lot of precious space is saved.

Get the best results with our free measurement and consulting, accompanied by 3D visualisations of agreed suggestions. For more information please contact us here.



Are you looking for the right bedroom for you? We need you individual approach and expert advice, quality materials and accuracy of performance. Trust us with your wishes…